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Reflections: Constructed Portraits 2004-2014


The people in these portraits do not exist. By photographing members of my family and myself and digitally fusing them into fictional characters, I'm creating images which are metaphors for the relationships between us. I'm constructing photographic images which, while subverting the basic utility of photography as a document, invest the image with a different type of built-in meaning. It's my intention to challenge the way the viewer looks at and thinks about a photograph.


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A Brief Visual History of Composite Portraiture in Photography


From dark beginnings in the late 19th Century through the next more than 100 years the practice of creating composite portraits in photography has been constant and provides a body of work that is a deep well spring of creativity, humor, innovation and madness. I have built and curate a website dedicated to this trend in photograph which is virtually as old as the medium itself. The website contains the work of over 25 artists and non-artist practitioners of the technique.


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